You Are Paid to Contribute

August 24, 2021


Author: Karl Schoemer

Contributions. That’s what organizations are looking for today – ideas, suggestions, improvements, feedback, results, outcomes, intellect, and performance.

You are paid to contribute, every day, in every way. Do you meet this expectation?

Got an opinion? Share it. Have an idea? Express it. Agree or disagree? Let them know. Think of a better way? Let’s hear it. Believe you can do better? Do it. Learned something new? Give it. See something we don’t? Enlighten us.

Regardless of your role, title, tenure, job description, or comfort level, you are paid to contribute.

It is no longer acceptable to sit through a whole meeting and not say a word. It is no longer acceptable to attend a workshop and not participate.

You are paid to contribute …

  • Whether or not you’re asked.
  • Regardless of how many times in the past you have or have not contributed.
  • Whether you feel you are truly respected or listened to.

You are a capable, intelligent, resourceful adult who does the job. You know what needs to be fixed. You know what can be done better or differently. You know where the cost savings are, where things can improve, where to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.  The only way this gets from your head to the customer is if you contribute.

How To Make Sure That You’re Contributing:

  • Let go of “not me.”
  • Speak up. Volunteer. Share your thinking. Raise your hand.
  • Express your opinion. Stop hedging. Have conviction.
  • Say what you believe will make things better.





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