Written Words

People learn in a variety of different ways:  spatial, linguistic, kinesthetic, mathematic. For those who prefer written words . . . here are some of mine:

Change is Your Competitive Advantage

Organizations today face a stark choice: change or fail. Transformation has become the only constant of the business landscape, and companies that cannot adapt are doomed. But how do you learn to adapt? How do you realize the power of making change your competitive advantage?

Change is Your Competitive Advantage includes practical tools to help managers and employees:

  • Adapt to change
  • Identify Design/Defiant/Default behaviors
  • Create a culture focused on the needs of the customer and consumer

This book includes case studies and anecdotes from clients and helps position executives and employees to make the most out of every change their organization encounters.

Others’ Words About Change is Your Competitive Advantage

“Enlightening, Engaging and Entertaining. I found this book to be all of the above and more. It gave great explanations as to why people are saying and doing what they are at work, and a great reminder that we should refocus our energy on our customers. Emphasis on our customers is a great tip especially in today’s economic climate, where we are fighting for every customer that we have.”
–Amazon.com review

Ever look around your workplace and wonder what’s happening and why? This book not only answers those questions beautifully, but also gives you the information – and the power – to do something about it. The wisdom of the New Reality continues to energize and empower me years after I took the first seminar!
–Amazon.com review

The New Reality Handbook

Change is here to stay.  Those who understand, accept, and adapt quickly to change emerge profoundly the better for it.  The New Reality handbook shares messages and guidelines that can help you seize the opportunity change brings to all of us.

This easy-to-read handbook gives you the do’s and don’ts of change along with practical advice on how to:

  • Stalk the truth
  • Try different, not harder
  • Deliver quicker quality
  • Act like a new hire.

Others’ Words About The New Reality Handbook

“Change is inevitable. In our organization, we have learned this first-hand as we strive to remain at the forefront of an ever-evolving, customer-focused industry. The New Reality was the nudge we all needed to acknowledge change and allow it to elevate us as an organization, as teams, as individuals. Karl’s message rings true – change is indeed a process, not an event. The New Reality offers relevant advice and practical steps to help any organization accept change, embrace change and thrive in the wake of change.”
–Michelle Baker, Finish Line

“Karl’s New Reality training and literature puts a fresh perspective to the change that so many leaders find crippling. His focus on the emotions, stages, and needed communication in times of change helps leaders understand their team. This in turn creates a culture of accountability to MOVE through change quickly and adapt to the next change that IS coming. Karl’s engaging style and bureaucracy-cutting approach help align the business to its most important asset – the end Customer. I would highly recommend Karl Schoemer’s New Reality Series to anyone looking to use change as a competitive advantage.”
–Matt Aller, Director – Imaging Services, Cintas Document Management

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