Stay in Motion

August 25, 2021


Author: Karl Schoemer

Characterizing change as an “event” implies it has a distinct start and stop. But in reality, change is a process, not an event. There is no beginning and no end to change. It is constant and will continue to be.

You cannot reference change as if it is temporary or isolated. That gives people a reason to wait for the change to pass and implies a false sense of inertia. It will not pass. It will not blow over. This is the new normal. No, this is the new normal. No…this is the new normal.

Every minute you wait to change puts you farther behind the competition — individually and organizationally. Change won’t go away; in fact, it will go even faster. The hard truth is that there is no stop and no finish. Change is continuous.

In the old reality, we were able to finish — the project, the process, the upgrade. But not anymore. The language of delay and deferral that once was so common in the workplace has become unacceptable today. The pace of modern business requires us to start the new before finishing the old.

The satisfaction of closure has been replaced by the satisfaction of adaptability and by the instantaneous ability to change.

How can you stay in motion?

  • Stop waiting. Try. Adapt
  • Be proactive. Say, “What if,” “Why not,” “Let’s try it,” “Let’s go”
  • Make it better. Improve it. Change it
  • Predict the next change. Suggest the next change
  • Make sure everyone else has to catch up with you
  • Adopt versatility
  • Be willing and able not only to change horses midstream, but to change streams





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