Change is Your Competitive Advantage

Change is Your Competitive Advantage

Organizations today face a stark choice: change or fail. Transformation has become the only constant of the business landscape, and those companies that cannot adapt are doomed. This book includes practical tools to help managers and employees and to help business make the tough choices that will lead to success.

The New Reality

The New Reality Handbook

Those who understand, accept, and adapt quickly to change emerge profoundly the better for it. The New Reality exposes you to messages and guidelines that  can help you seize the opportunity change bring to all of us.



Experiencing the promises of tomorrow and truly controlling your own destiny depend on how you position yourself and your competencies. This book presents 17 essential strategies needed for future success in tomorrow’s fast-paced workplace.


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Get Over It!

12 Sure Fire Ways to Earn Less, Stress More, and Get Left Behind in the Global Economy. How much energy and time are you wasting by complaining and whining? You’ve heard it many times: “get over it.” How? This book presents ways to identify negative behaviors, create positive strategies, and be an active participant in today’s fast-paced environment.

It Is What It Is!

It Is What It Is

What Are You Going to Do About It? Change is faster and more complex today, a fact many find hard to accept. But, pining for the good old days is wasted energy. “It Is What It Is” delivers the truth about today’s environment in an honest, straight forward style. It then goes a step farther to drive home the need for personal accountability and acceptance in these turbulent times: what are you going to do about it?


Get on With It!

The definition of performance for employees is different today. So too, is the definition of leadership. As a leader, it is important to know what no longer works in this fast changing environment. This book identifies 13 roadblocks managers often face and suggests strategies to overcome them.

The 13 Paradoxes of Change

The 13 Paradoxes of Change

Things are not what they seem. What appears to be working is frequently an illusion. The old accepted ways of managing, leading, and performing no longer apply. This book challenges your traditional beliefs about operating in today’s environment and uncovers the truth behind the paradoxes.