Performance is Defined Differently

August 25, 2021


Author: Karl Schoemer

Productivity – how many things you make, do, file, move, assemble or create – is only one piece of how performance is measured today.

The definition of performance is different today – and, it’s bigger. More encompassing. Broader. More complicated. So, how does your performance stack up?

How Do You Do the Job?

How you do the job matters almost as much as doing it. Consider:

  • Are you efficient?
  • Do you always look to improve the processes you use?
  • Are you open to changing your approach when it becomes obsolete or inefficient?

How Do You Work with the Team?

Performance also is defined by how well you work with others. We live in an interconnected world. Every job is connected to every other job in some way. Research and Development affect Marketing, the first shift affects the second, and on and on.

Performance today demands that you communicate with, interact with, and get along with others. The only way to excel is to rely on the collective strengths of everyone in the organization. Performance today is defined as the contribution you make to your job – and also to your team.

How Flexible Are You?

Performance today requires flexibility. How adaptable are you? Are you willing to try new things? Are you willing to add new skills? Are you willing to learn to do something you’ve never done?

What Can You Do to Improve Your Performance?

Performance is defined differently today. Here’s what you can do to enhance your performance:

  • Let go of the old definition of performance
  • Redefine your own performance
  • Be open to new approaches
  • Contribute to the team
  • Check your attitude
  • Increase your adaptability





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