Own Your Career – NOW!

Nobody else has a claim to your career. Nobody else has a say in your personal or professional development. Nobody else can decide what you should or shouldn’t do, what you should or shouldn’t learn, or whom you should or shouldn’t network with. You may know the importance of owning your career and do it

Are You a “Yesser”?

Being a “yesser” doesn’t mean you say yes sir and yes ma’am all the time. It doesn’t mean going along to get along. It doesn’t mean saying yes and meaning maybe, no, or over my dead body. And, it definitely doesn’t mean nodding your head incessantly like a bobblehead doll. A yesser is someone who:

It’s All About Results

Today’s business success is measured in one way and one way only – results. And results are defined by one group and one group only – customers. What you deliver to the customer ultimately determines whether the organization succeeds or fails and whether or not you are employed. If you can’t answer these questions, you

Let’s Be Honest

Honesty. Truth. Forthrightness. Frankness. All of these are critical today. From every level to every level. It is essential to business and personal success today to have unwavering candor in the organization. Communicate Honestly For managers, communicate the strategy to everybody – early and often. Be frank about the harsh realities of operating in a

Stop Being Afraid!

It’s a vicious cycle. Employees are afraid today. Afraid to speak up, or disagree, or share their opinions. Yet, that fear leads to stagnation, which leads to lost business, which leads to staffing adjustments, which leads to more fear, more stagnation, more lost business, and on and on. What are we afraid of? Are we

Performance is Defined Differently

Productivity – how many things you make, do, file, move, assemble or create – is only one piece of how performance is measured today. The definition of performance is different today – and, it’s bigger. More encompassing. Broader. More complicated. So, how does your performance stack up? How Do You Do the Job? How you

Multi-Tasking Is The Norm

Our world today is more fragmented. It comes at us in smaller pieces, more rapidly than ever before – 500 cable channels, high-speed Internet, smart phones, voicemail, email and instant messaging. Like it or not, this is the world we live in. This unrelenting ringing, beeping, vibrating and buzzing is the pulse and pace of

Care Only About Performance

Somehow, things got turned upside down. Obligations and responsibilities shifted from those who work for the organization to the organization itself. Entitlements and benefits took center stage. Organizations that didn’t provide the benefits and extras were considered antiquated, cold, and uncaring. “You owe me because I work here” became a battle cry and a philosophy

Today’s Customer Is Unrealistic

Customers are different today. They are more segmented, educated, diverse, demanding, opinionated, and discerning than at any time in history. Today’s customers have more choices, more information, and more special requirements than ever. They are less loyal, less understanding, less patient, less forgiving, and less interested in why we can’t, couldn’t, or won’t be able

Back in the Day

Back in the day: We were masters of the job. We could come in, do the job, and go home. There wasn’t a lot of thinking involved – and certainly not a lot of thinking differently. Back in the day: Things were calmer. We enjoyed the luxury of time. Global competition had not heated up.