The New Reality

Are you living in the New Reality?

The answer is yes – whether you know it or not.

Change is constant, complex, tumultuous, driven from the world around us, and not going away.  In the old reality you could manage change – one by one – with plenty of time to get comfortable. In today’s fast-paced global economy, the new expectation is to seize the power of change and make it work for you – as part of your individual and organizational competitive edge.

The New Reality mindset and approach to change developed after years of work with multiple organizations struggling with the speed and complexity of change. It illustrates how change affects employees and employers every day.  And, more important, it shows you how to move through the change process quickly and effectively.

You can get The New Reality in a variety of ways: The New Reality series of workshops, the New Reality handbook, or any of my other workshops, books, or consulting services.

Others’ Words About The New Reality

“Karl definitely can provide you with a unique set of tools that will help to make change your competitive advantage.  The New Reality has provided me with excellent results both professionally and personally.  Karl’s work has been a major factor in culture change success during our partnership.”
–Karinna Rojas, GRP (hired Karl as a Change Management expert)

“I find Karl’s insights about Change and the challenges and opportunities it presents to be spot-on. His messaging about “The New Reality,” while sobering, is also incredibly relevant in these economic times. He provides a “wake up” call to his students – regardless of their title or position – and helps build the foundation of a “critical mass” within an organization to ultimately create and leverage its own waves of change.”
–Michael Nutter, Senior Director, Convergys, was with another company when working with Karl at VisionQuest