Minimize the Drop in Productivity

August 25, 2021


Author: Karl Schoemer

All major changes carry a temporary drop in productivity. In the wake of change, if productivity doesn’t dip, it’s only because people are working harder to compensate for the temporary drop.

Don’t worry, though; productivity will rebound eventually and should even exceed old levels. After all, that’s why the organization made the change in the first place (or it should be).

The key is to get through this drop as quickly as possible — if for no other reason than to prepare for the next change. Because, rest assured, there will be a next change… and another temporary drop.

Minimizing the transition time is more critical than ever.. There’s no time to get comfortable and assimilate the change. Today, quickly moving through it can mean the difference between success and failure, between organizational life and death.

It’s imperative to equip yourself and others with the skills necessary to manage through the transition quickly. Not doing this often casts a false shadow of failure on the change itself. An organization could mistakenly abandon a good change too early, not realizing the change was the right move all along. It was the resistance that doomed it to failure.

How can you pick up speed during change?

  • Anticipate the productivity drop, recognize it when it arrives, and mitigate it as much as possible
  • Remember that the speed of transition is essential
  • Overcome your discomfort and awkwardness as fast as possible through learning and practice
  • Focus on the gains.





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