Let’s Be Honest

August 25, 2021


Author: Karl Schoemer

Honesty. Truth. Forthrightness. Frankness. All of these are critical today. From every level to every level.

It is essential to business and personal success today to have unwavering candor in the organization.

Communicate Honestly

For managers, communicate the strategy to everybody – early and often. Be frank about the harsh realities of operating in a global environment. Talk honestly with people about their performance – what it is and what it needs to be.

For employees, stop shooting the messenger. Just because we don’t like what is being communicated doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hear it or don’t need to know it. Ask insightful questions. Seek out the information you need. Challenge your leaders with a clear commitment to the customer.

The truth is everywhere and it’s messy and it’s disorganized. Sometimes it’s offensive, disagreeable and complicated. It takes work to apply it, and a thick skin of conviction to deal with it.

It’s time to legislate a new Freedom of Information Act. Let’s be honest – with each other and with ourselves.

What Can You Do to Pursue Candor?

  • Let go of manipulative communication
  • Be honest
  • Seek the truth
  • Share what you know
  • Deal with issues, not personalities
  • Stop posturing
  • Quit the office politics
  • Give away information





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