It’s All About the Customer

August 25, 2021


Author: Karl Schoemer

If you’ve ever said, “That’s not my job — my job has nothing to do with the customer,” then you need a New Reality check.

Everything that everybody does is — or should be — for the customer. Customers are the reason for being employed. Take away customers, and the need for your job vanishes.

Each person in the organization needs to be clear on 3 things when it comes to customers:

  1. Who they are.
  2. What they want.
  3. How every job connects to giving customers what they want.

All companies, groups, association, agencies or entities have customers. You are ultimately doing the job for someone, right?

So all employees should know:

• Who that “someone” is and what they expect — regardless of the job, role, purpose, or size of the organization.
• Just how important customers are — and act accordingly.

Today’s employers need to be built from the customer back. Every window should provide a clear view of the customer; every phone line should be a direct connection to the customer.

Understand that today’s customer expectations are a moving target. Being agile, mobile, and adaptive is the only way to move with them and make change part of your competitive advantage.

Connect to the customer by:

• Introducing yourself
• Knowing who they serve
• Understanding how your job adds value for the customer
• Exceeding customer expectations
• Thanking and delighting your customer.





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