It’s All About Results

August 25, 2021


Author: Karl Schoemer

Today’s business success is measured in one way and one way only – results. And results are defined by one group and one group only – customers.

What you deliver to the customer ultimately determines whether the organization succeeds or fails and whether or not you are employed.

If you can’t answer these questions, you need to take a close look at how or if you add value to your organization:

  • Where does my job fit in the process of delivering results for the customer?
  • What do I do that’s critical to creating success for the marketplace?

Ideas are good. Solutions are good. Improvement suggestions are good. But, they are not enough by themselves. Being an idea factory without following through or executing for the customer doesn’t count as results.

You don’t get credit for simply thinking or speaking. You get credit for results!

Here’s the thing, though: Results are a moving target. What the customer defines as results change. So even if you are delivering results – if they happen to be yesterday’s results, you are back to square one.

You have to deliver results as the customer defines them today. Quickly, constantly, and with flawless execution.

What You Can Do

  • Let go of meaningless effort
  • Understand the customer’s current definition of results
  • Deliver
  • Connect your job to the marketplace
  • Continuously adjust priorities to match customers’ needs
  • Execute





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