Change Your Mastery!

August 24, 2021


Author: Karl Schoemer

We used to be able to master things, but not anymore. We used to be able to practice our jobs until we could do them in our sleep.  We had time and stability enough to become masters of our own universe.  Mastery today is no longer in one place, in one job, or in one skill set. It’s no longer about practice, command, or repetition.

Instead, the mastery today is in mastering change.

Transition is the environment we live in now…constantly. It’s the oxygen that sustains us. The journey from one technology or system to the next is the predominant state. Now we must exercise mastery over the journey – over getting from here to there.

Today’s mastery is measured by:

  • How well we foresee and adapt
  • How quickly we move
  • How fast we let go of the old
  • How fast we grab hold of the new.

Your ability and willingness to adapt are as marketable as any skill you possess. So master the movement. Master the transition. Master the white space between here and there.  Master the letting go of the old and the picking up of the new.  Become a master of flexibility, adaptability, and change.

How you can be a master of change:

  • Master the process – become better at change than everyone you know
  • Ask questions and be the first to try
  • Create opportunities to practice your change leadership skills
  • Measure success by getting here…there…everywhere
  • Get to the customer faster than anyone else.





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