Back in the Day

Back in the day: We were masters of the job. We could come in, do the job, and go home. There wasn’t a lot of thinking involved – and certainly not a lot of thinking differently. Back in the day: Things were calmer. We enjoyed the luxury of time. Global competition had not heated up.

You Are Paid to Contribute

Contributions. That’s what organizations are looking for today – ideas, suggestions, improvements, feedback, results, outcomes, intellect, and performance. You are paid to contribute, every day, in every way. Do you meet this expectation? Got an opinion? Share it. Have an idea? Express it. Agree or disagree? Let them know. Think of a better way? Let’s

Separate Loyalty From Performance

Is this you? “As long as my company provides job security, I consider it loyal – deserving of my loyalty in return.” Most companies would like to provide some sense of job security, but no organization can be more loyal than the marketplace allows. And today’s marketplace is intense. Tough. Unforgiving.  Competitive.  Ever changing. Loyalty