Stop Being Afraid!

It’s a vicious cycle. Employees are afraid today. Afraid to speak up, or disagree, or share their opinions. Yet, that fear leads to stagnation, which leads to lost business, which leads to staffing adjustments, which leads to more fear, more stagnation, more lost business, and on and on. What are we afraid of? Are we

Multi-Tasking Is The Norm

Our world today is more fragmented. It comes at us in smaller pieces, more rapidly than ever before – 500 cable channels, high-speed Internet, smart phones, voicemail, email and instant messaging. Like it or not, this is the world we live in. This unrelenting ringing, beeping, vibrating and buzzing is the pulse and pace of

Care Only About Performance

Somehow, things got turned upside down. Obligations and responsibilities shifted from those who work for the organization to the organization itself. Entitlements and benefits took center stage. Organizations that didn’t provide the benefits and extras were considered antiquated, cold, and uncaring. “You owe me because I work here” became a battle cry and a philosophy

You Are Paid to Contribute

Contributions. That’s what organizations are looking for today – ideas, suggestions, improvements, feedback, results, outcomes, intellect, and performance. You are paid to contribute, every day, in every way. Do you meet this expectation? Got an opinion? Share it. Have an idea? Express it. Agree or disagree? Let them know. Think of a better way? Let’s