The State of Meetings Today

In a word: dysfunctional. Research shows that over 11 million meetings occur in the U.S. each day, with most people believing up to 50% of their time spent in meetings is wasted. Yet our 25 years of working with thousands of organizations indicate the amount of wasted time is much higher. How about you? What percentage

Take Charge of Your Meetings Today

How much can you — one individual — possibly affect the culture of meetings in your organization? The answer is . . . a lot! Vow to take ownership of every meeting you attend. No more showing up unprepared, day dreaming, or doing other work and leaving the meeting with no clear actions or solutions.

Make Meetings More Effective in The New Reality

Meetings in The New Reality need to be functional, customer focused, and extremely efficient (meaning short!). The world is moving too fast, the competition is too fierce, and customers are too impatient to put up with ineffective, dull, dysfunctional, or internally focused meetings. In The New Reality, effective meetings are a key to unlocking and leveraging