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Transmitter substances guarantee the function of chemical synapses

Animals and humans can react particularly rapidly and purposefully to environmental stimuli. This only functions if the excitation triggered by external stimuli is sent from a nerve cell to other or from nerve cells for the reacting organ (e.g. Muscle). The synapses are critical switching points for the transmission of excitation. Inside the chemical synapses,

Instruction masseur and health-related lifeguard. The job description.

The “masseur and health-related lifeguard” is one of the health-related professions. The field of activity contains all measures of “physical therapy”, which include different techniques of massage and reflex zone therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, movement therapy, electrical, light and radiation therapy, heat and cold applications too as hydrotherapy with its medical baths, Kneipp water applications,

Germany Scholarship: We’re taking part.

The “Germany Scholarship” advantages talented students from all nations and all parts of society. To this end, the Germany Scholarship initial recognizes successes (achievements) in school, research and / or perform. The other achievements of young people to date are also deemed as added attributes within the choice course of action. The joint funding in