Care Only About Performance

August 25, 2021


Author: Karl Schoemer

Somehow, things got turned upside down. Obligations and responsibilities shifted from those who work for the organization to the organization itself.

Entitlements and benefits took center stage.

Organizations that didn’t provide the benefits and extras were considered antiquated, cold, and uncaring. “You owe me because I work here” became a battle cry and a philosophy of life.

Then came the restructurings and layoffs. Global competition drove technological advancements that replaced man with machine.  Amid all this tumult, the outcry about heartless, callous, greedy organizations became even louder.


The mistake was not in rescinding guaranteed employment, raises, promotions, and perks. It was in implying that employees were automatically entitled to them in the first place.

Let’s get back to the very foundation of our market-driven economy, and remember:

Performance counts!

It’s the only thing that counts. Without it, everything else is moot, meaningless, and nonexistent.

Care only about performance – yours, others’, the organization’s. If we all do this, we’ll have our best shot at success.

What you can do:

  • Care more about your performance than what your employer can do for you
  • Give up the entitlement mentality; create your own benefits
  • Build your own employment security
  • Expect more from yourself, and less from the company.





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