Be Solution Oriented

August 25, 2021


Author: Karl Schoemer

Organizations working in the past tense have an abundance of employees who just point out the problems: “That will never work.”  “That sure was a dumb idea.” “You should have asked me first — I would have told you.”

These people actually believe they are contributing to the organization! They think they’re valuable because of their keen eye and ability to spot the problem.

But simply pointing out the problem is no longer a prized behavior. What will set you apart — and above — the rest is your ability to bring a solution or 2 or 3 along. Even better, actually implement what you see as the best solution and communicate how the fix is working.  Do something, anything to solve the problem.

You know the problems and challenges in your job better than anyone else. You also know how to solve them. Give yourself credit for being an intelligent, capable, talented individual with the skills and motivation to do the very best you can. Trust yourself and your instincts. Then, take action — call on your intellect, stir in some common sense and do what needs to be done.

How can you be solution oriented for the customer?

  • Be the solution
  • Think, act, look for the solution
  • Fix the problem
  • Put out the fire
  • Tackle the challenge





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