Be Flexibly Adaptive

August 25, 2021


Author: Karl Schoemer

We all know that things have changed. The rules, the careers, the expectations — they’ve all changed. What companies value in employees and what employees want from employers have changed. The skills needed to compete have changed. The level and intensity of competition have changed.

So, here’s the next level of understanding we need about all this change: It’s not over and done. It’s still changing and will continue to.

Just when you begin to get comfortable, it’s changed. That’s why it’s so critical to be flexibly adaptive. Simply changing isn’t good enough anymore. Simply getting through this change leaves you unprepared for the next change. Now, what’s most valuable is how well we handle change after change in change over change while changing.

When approached with a new responsibility, location, a new set of customers, tool, team or technology, your response should be, “No problem!” A chance to learn? “Great!” An opportunity to broaden your skills and/or understanding? “Terrific!

While the past tense coveted and rewarded stability and mastery, your willingness to be flexibly adaptive is your trump card in the FutureTense. An open mind coupled with open arms makes you more valuable.

How can you be flexibly adaptive?

  • Be open to new challenges and opportunities
  • Let go quickly and easily
  • Be lighter on your feet
  • Go with the flow.





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