Be an Expert Learner

August 24, 2021


Author: Karl Schoemer

To succeed in the New Reality, become an expert learner. Today’s shelf life of what you learn is so short that the real value lies in how you learn. If you’re going to master anything in this New Reality, master your ability to learn – quickly.

The beauty of today’s business world is the infinite options available for gaining skills and knowledge – traditional or nontraditional, close up or distant, technical or personal. The biggest challenge is picking a place to start and moving forward.

No set of skills is good for long, thanks to this era of rapid, radical change. Become an expert learner by cultivating a thirst for new knowledge. Pick a subject or skill, then find a source or teacher.  Enjoy the process of learning.

Soon, what you are learning will actually become secondary to how you learn – how quickly, how efficiently, and how open you are to more. When you master this, you’ll be on your way to becoming an expert learner.

The Formula for Becoming an Expert Learner:

  1. Identify where your needs are – talk to customers, friends, associates, anyone else tuned into the New Reality.
  2. Figure out what type of learning can upgrade your areas of need.
  3. Find out where and how to get your education and go get it.
  4. Use that newfound knowledge immediately.
  5. Once you’ve done all this successfully, do it again and again and again.





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