I believe change is constant, complex, tumultuous, driven by the world around us, and not going away.Karl Schoemer - About

I believe that being Change Adaptive is as critical a competency as any that you can possess.

I believe it’s no longer good enough to simply “manage change”; instead, seize the power of change and make it part of your competitive advantage.

I believe organizational culture is the sum of the behaviors that people choose to demonstrate.

I believe everything we do should be focused on the customer and/or those that we serve.

Performance is different in The New Reality: Attitude counts.  Behaviors count.  You count.

Bottom line:  I make change work for you.


  • Founded VisionQuest Solutions more than 18 years ago.
  • Thousands of clients in the areas of change leadership.
  • Well-recognized speaker excelling in workshop facilitation, coaching, and consulting.
  • Master’s in Business from Indiana Wesleyan University.
  • Unrivaled enthusiasm for dynamic change practices that results in a fresh, market-anchored approach to any project.
  • Author of 7 books on change-related topics.
  • Working with thousands of public and private sector organizations of all sizes.


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