Separate Loyalty From Performance

July 6, 2021


Author: Karl Schoemer

Is this you? “As long as my company provides job security, I consider it loyal – deserving of my loyalty in return.”

Most companies would like to provide some sense of job security, but no organization can be more loyal than the marketplace allows. And today’s marketplace is intense. Tough. Unforgiving.  Competitive.  Ever changing.

Loyalty has a place, but is dangerous if it strips the company of its ability to compete. A lean, productive, well managed organization can employ more people than a bankrupt one can. Although organizations can no longer guarantee job security, it doesn’t mean they’re not loyal. Loyalty lies in trying to make the company as successful as possible, which results in creating and keeping jobs.

We have to separate this “loyalty” discussion from performance – once and for all. Here’s the deal: an employer trades performance for money. You perform, the company pays you. Period. The better you perform, the more they pay you. The longer you perform, the longer they pay you.

Be loyal to your performance and it will be loyal to you.

Tips on Separating Loyalty From Performance:

  • Differentiate yourself through your performance.
  • Invest your loyalty in yourself, your skills, your future.
  • Increase your employability to expand your opportunities.
  • Build trust by investing trust in others.





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