Take Charge of Your Happiness

Things are definitely different today. They’re faster, more complex, and changing all the time. Expectations are higher, and with less security and less stability than before. There just isn’t as much time for chitchat. It’s definitely different. Unfortunately, many people equate different with bad. They think, “If it’s not the same as it always was,

Be Flexibly Adaptive

We all know that things have changed. The rules, the careers, the expectations — they’ve all changed. What companies value in employees and what employees want from employers have changed. The skills needed to compete have changed. The level and intensity of competition have changed. So, here’s the next level of understanding we need about

Be Solution Oriented

Organizations working in the past tense have an abundance of employees who just point out the problems: “That will never work.”  “That sure was a dumb idea.” “You should have asked me first — I would have told you.” These people actually believe they are contributing to the organization! They think they’re valuable because of

Create and Innovate

In today’s environment, you must have everyone in every position contributing creative and innovative ideas. There’s no room for, “It’s not my job,” or “I couldn’t possibly come up with new ideas — I’m too busy.” There isn’t a nook or cranny in any company that can afford to be without creativity and innovation. Every

Baggage is Useless

Yesterday is gone.  Yet for many people, years of yesterdays still rise with the dawn of each new, fresh day. As a result, today becomes just like yesterday — gloomy, cold, and bitter. There’s a lot of resentment out there for those people. They walk around their organizations reliving their yesterdays and holding onto perceived

Stay in Motion

Characterizing change as an “event” implies it has a distinct start and stop. But in reality, change is a process, not an event. There is no beginning and no end to change. It is constant and will continue to be. You cannot reference change as if it is temporary or isolated. That gives people a

Minimize the Drop in Productivity

All major changes carry a temporary drop in productivity. In the wake of change, if productivity doesn’t dip, it’s only because people are working harder to compensate for the temporary drop. Don’t worry, though; productivity will rebound eventually and should even exceed old levels. After all, that’s why the organization made the change in the

It’s All About the Customer

If you’ve ever said, “That’s not my job — my job has nothing to do with the customer,” then you need a New Reality check. Everything that everybody does is — or should be — for the customer. Customers are the reason for being employed. Take away customers, and the need for your job vanishes.

It’s Time to Grow Up

“We used to be such a family around here — the company really cared about us as people.” Companies are different today. They have to be. Competition can and does come from every corner of the globe. New technology, constant innovation, and ever-higher expectations mean that yesterday’s performance is a distant memory. There’s no longer

The State of Meetings Today

In a word: dysfunctional. Research shows that over 11 million meetings occur in the U.S. each day, with most people believing up to 50% of their time spent in meetings is wasted. Yet our 25 years of working with thousands of organizations indicate the amount of wasted time is much higher. How about you? What percentage