Change in motion
eventually leads to a typhoon.


Empowering brands, teams and individuals to achieve outstanding results by focusing on change as a competitive advantage.

I’ve spent my career challenging assumptions and asking thought-provoking questions.






Years in
Change Leadership.

karl schoemer

My story is one of an unrivaled enthusiasm for dynamic change and personal reinvention.

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Solutions tailored to your specific audience, specific challenges, & specific objectives.


Change Leadership.

Creative Communication.

Culture Change.

Executive Coaching.


Leadership & Development.

Market Alignment.

Large-Scale Change Initiatives.

Increasing Organizational Speed.

Problem Solving.

Team Development.

Workshop Design.

Effective Meetings.


Reinvent Workplaces By Focusing On Individual Behaviors.

The key to building an innovative culture is having an objective resource tell you when you’re drinking your own Kool-Aid, poke holes in your action plan, help you see why something isn’t working, and to help empower your people to change.

Transformation through reinvention.

Re-think. Re-learn. Re-do.

Reinvention starts with a small, barely perceptible change that can have a big, non-linear impact on a complex system.

Small decisions, or slight alterations can have an impact that is bigger than we might imagine.

case studies

Change Adaptive Insights.

Practical frameworks for analyzing and transforming your business.

Read the secrets that influence growth and understand the common roadblocks that prevent transformative change.


Does the New Reality™ help create a more change-adaptive culture?

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Can a Venerable Company Revisit Past Glory?

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How Do You Connect Manufacturing Employees to the Customer?

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DuPont Crop Protection "Seizes" Change as a Competitive Advantage

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How do Companies Thrive During Change and Consolidation?

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How do Nonprofits Benefit from The New Reality™?

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Trusted by corporations, charities, governments, healthcare entities, & more.

There are few guarantees in the workplace today, but change is one of them. Karl definitely provides you with a unique set of tools that will help to make change your competitive advantage.”

Karinna Rojas

Director of Human Resources

I highly recommend Karl to anyone that wants to take a team to new heights, increase accountability and do so in a way that builds sustained results - even with the most resistant of participants."

Jennifer Paauewe-Riffe

Senior Human Resources Consultant

Karl's expert content turned a roomful of skeptical employees into enthusiastic supporters. His intelligence, values and business acumen make it a privilege to have him as a business partner."

John Rannalletta

Senior Consultant, Advisa

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